Keith Douglas Andrews

Livre de souvenirs

Among the many fine memories of Keith, I can always recall Keith in the Alexander Galt choir around Christmas time in the 70s. Always eager to join in on any activities that allowed him to socialize and help out wherever he could. The years of hanging around with you on Belmont Street in the basement at your parent's house, and going for moped rides on our mopeds. Thanks for the friendship and kind memories Keith, you certainly radiated much strength and positive energy wherever anybody had ...
the privilege of being in the same entourage as you. Now safely in the arms of Jesus, you will remain in my thoughts and prayers old friend.
Brendan McCoy
I remember Keith from way back from elementary school. Riding on the same bus. Later years at Galt. Many years later we connected again through Facebook. Keith always sent me things about hockey and asked how my son and I were doing. I will remember his kindness.
Cindy Mills